About Myself

                                                               Shortly after my immigration to Israel from                                                          Poland in 1968 I started to work at the                                                                Central Zionist Archives in Jerusalem,                                                                undoubtedly one of the most important                                                              and largest Jewish archives in the world.                                                            At first it was a temporary position but                                                                soon afterwards I became a tenured                                                                   archivist, then deputy director and from                                                             1990 to 1998, director of the archives.                                                                Simultaneously with my employment, I                                                              enrolled in archive studies at the Hebrew                                                          University in Jerusalem and                  

received my MLS degree (cum laude) in 1989.  


In October 1998, after almost 30 years of work, I retired from the Central Zionist Archives and established myself as a freelance researcher in Jewish genealogy.   


Shortly afterwards I was hired by the International Commission on Holocaust-era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) to coordinate its archival research. My two reports to ICHEIC can be accessed via this site. 

Today I specialize in Jewish genealogical research as well as in Jewish probate genealogy. I have an easy access to the ITS database which is the most important resource for research on people affected by WWII.


Yoram photo.jpeg
31. Luxor, March 1945.jpeg

My grandfather (third from the left) with a group of Polish soldiers and others, Luxor, March 1945. How my grandfather, who in September 1939 was called up to fight the Germans in Poland, found himself in Egypt in 1945 is a long story which I tell in "My Grandfather's WWII Album".  

My mother (first from the right) in the office of the Kraftfahrpark  (The German Army Car Pool), Warsaw, 1943. How my mother found herself in a German army office is a long story which I tell in "Krysia; My Mother's WWII Album". Next to her is an Austrian officer, Karl Grimm, who soon afterwards saved her life.

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